Do we need to provide our own skateboard and protective gear?

No! We usually have an array of different sized boards and pads to pick from. It is encouraged to bring your own though. There's nothing better than going to CalSkate Shop and picking out your first complete. They are the oldest skate shop in the world and will set you up and send you on your way to a lifetime of stoke! As far as pads go, almost all the best skaters in the world started out with full pad sets. Watch this cool bio on 2011 SOTY Grant Taylor . We recommend full pad sets by the following: Smith Scabs, 187, and Pro-Tec. If you wanna support local then you can call ahead to see if Cal Skate 1-503-248-0495 has your size in stock, or you can just go direct to SoCalSkateShop.

Why would I wanna try skateboarding and what are the benefits?

First off, skateboarding is for the people that don't fit into group sports like football etc.. It's a great way to express creativity, let off some steam, and more of an art form than it is a sport. (However it will be included for the first time in the Tokyo Olympics 2020). Skateboarding teaches many things like: Confidence, Patience, Learning to deal with Failure, Balance and Coordination, Pain Tolerance, Depth Perception, and most importantly - Overcoming Fear! These are things we apply in our everyday lives! Plus, you'll meet lifelong friends of all ages wherever you go. It truly is a brotherhood! 

Is it OK for parents to hang around during the lesson?

You are most welcome to hang around but just know that it will most likely affect your child's confidence level. In our experience, we find it's better not to hover and the child will be braver w/o the parents there.

We're feeling nervous about trying this. Is this normal?

It's totally OK to be nervous. Skateboarding takes cajones to do! But that's one of the many reasons we do it! The confidence that you learn on your board will help you succeed in all other areas of your life. Many of today's successful entrepreneurs were skateboarders. Check out this article on that exact subject! Entrepreneur 

Is it OK to bring a longboard or a penny board? What kind of skateboarding are you going to teach?

No. We are teaching the type of skateboarding you would do in the 100+ parks in Oregon. (Longboards and Penny boards don't have tails and that's a problem)

My child pushes Mongo. Is there still hope?

We hope so... Just don't roll up on a scooter and we'll be cool;)