Berto Boyd


Berto Boyd began skating ditches in the early 80’s and made his first board with roller skates and plywood. His uncle taught him how to surf in Hawaii when he was 9 yrs old on the North Shore. By 1987, he was sponsored by a local skate shop “Team Hot Tropics” and was doing demos (street ramps and boomboxes in tow) all around town. In 1990 he moved to Ventura, CA and soon became an accomplished surfer with his home break being the infamous “South Jetty” in Ventura Harbor. Berto continued to skate street after the backyard ramps disappeared but then soon dedicated all his time to studying the Classical Spanish guitar. Born into a family of artists, which includes famed lead singer, Brandon Boyd of the multi-platinum band Incubus, he is one of the rare and few Americans who has dedicated his musical dreams to mastering the art of the Spanish guitar and composing original Flamenco music. 

 Shortly after returning from Spain in 1999 with his newfound European education, Berto continued playing professionally but soon forgot all about his earliest passions which were skateboarding and surfing. And then as fate would have it, he moved to Oregon in 2012 with his new family and discovered the Lincoln City Skate park by Dreamland. Having grown up in the 80’s-90’s when there were no skate parks like these, he knew his life was about change.  Skateboarding had become Berto's fountain of youth and childhood passion once again. As a new member to the non-profit BCSA, Berto has helped rekindle the fire into the organization and brought new ideas to the table such as crowdfunding and starting the popular Corvallis Skateboard School. When he’s not skating, he’s busy playing and composing classical and flamenco guitar music. You can check out his artist page here.


Joe Brook


Joe Brook is one of the most popular photographers in the West Coast skate scene, shooting for magazines like Thrasher, Juxtapoz, Rolling Stone, and different outlets such as PDN and Kodak.

 He was born in Detroit and bounced around the Detroit Metro area with his family. After he graduated from high school, he decided he needed to leave the Midwest and try to figure out life. He knew he loved riding his skateboard and San Francisco was a mecca for skateboarding, so he moved to SF with a duffel bag and a few hundred dollars.

These days he's most well known for his appearances on Viceland's "King of the Road".

Melissa Cunningham


A passionate local Portland skater who has been on the scene for several decades. 

Max Longshore


Currently a student for Music production in Hip Hop, also a passionate skateboarder who has been skating for most of his life.